How to Upgrade from an Older Version of WordPress to the Latest Version

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Let’s say you have been tasked to upgrade an older version of WordPress. WordPress team has been doing a great job keeping versions compatible and the upgrades succeed in 99.99% of the time which is awesome and is probably taking them lots of time and effort to do this.


Before you do anything. It’s super important to take a backup. Actually we recommend 3 backups using 3 different ways.
And make sure you download them on your computer!

One can be done using Duplicator plugin
Another one All-in-One WP Migration plugin
the third one can be a done from the control panel but make sure you backup the database and the files

Test Upgrade on a Staging WordPress Site

The next step is to do a test upgrade on a Staging WordPress site so you can see any potential errors.

Then update each plugin one by one and check the logs.

Next, update the theme

Finally Update WordPress


Sharing is caring!

Do you need to try a WordPress theme? Create a temp site now!

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