WordPress Sandbox for WordPress Professionals

WPSandbox allows WordPress users and professionals to try plugins and themes quickly and easily on a temporary and private WordPress staging/test installation for free. Paid plans are also available.

You can use the service for free and without an account to create a temporary WordPress site. The paid plans allow you to create lots of sites with longer expiration or no expiration at all.

Free to use

WPSandbox is free both for personal and/or professional use.
We understand that the budget may be tight and you have to start from somewhere.

Cloud based

You don’t have to create databases, users, install things manually, download or sign up to set up the WordPress site. For Pro/paid accounts you will need an account so you can manage your sites though.


The generous free plan allows you to start and use the app even without having to create an account. See the Pricing page for details.

WordPress debugging

WordPress debug log from within WordPress by going to WP Admin > WPSandbox > Debugging. You can also enable errors/notices and warnings to be displayed so you can spot a glitch very easily.

Private WordPress Site

The temp WordPress installation that is set up is private and only for you. You don’t have to clean up other people’s test content before you do your WordPress. The sites are protected by an access code in case somebody else manages to get to your test site.

ClassPress Demo

You can also try ClassicPress which is based on WordPress 4.9. It’s quick and lightweight.

The main goals of ClassicPress is improved security, less bloat and the classic editor.

Full Administrative Access

You have full Administrative WordPress access so you can install, delete plugins and themes of your choice including backup plugins.

WordPress single site or Multisite

Test plugins how they behave in a WordPress Multisite environment. With WordPress Multisite set up you can create multiple subsites that is managed by the same WP installation

No credit card required

No need to pull out your credit card unless you want more and optionally (non-expiring) sites, more powerful server(s) or custom development or server work (available upon request). You can always contact us