Are you Afraid of Blogging with WordPress?

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Well, you shouldn’t be 🙂

Did you know or remember that WordPress has a less scary box where you can write you blog post drafts?

It’s right in your WordPress Dashboard.

WP Quick Draft

You can use it to create drafts of your blog posts. It consists of just two boxes without any formatting and you can just write and write. To be honest I didn’t use it to write this blog post but still I am going to use it a lot more from now on.

It is very important to keep writing and sharing your knowledge not just for marketing sake but also to share ideas and give other’s a fresh perspective.

It’s kind of obvious but they say whatever you practice a lot you will naturally get better at, so make sure you practice the good stuff.

I think writing a blog post as a first step and then creating a short video is a way easier way instead of just going straight to video production. Creating the article first gives you some sort of script to follow.

P.S. Props to Bret Phillips (@bretwp on Twitter/X) for reminding me about this feature.

What to write about?

You may be wondering what to write about and you’re not alone. It depends on your goal. If the blog is about sharing your personal experience then you’ll need to write about what happened to you that day.

If you want to attract more customers to your product then write what you know about the industry and maybe a solution to a problem that you’ve solved after certain time.

I find it very it very useful when I write and don’t correct any typos as I write. that keeps me in flow state.
I can always go back and revise a word or two. It’s very temping to go and fix the grammar but don’t do it while writing. Again this is a blog post and not a printed paper or a book. You can always edit it. You’ll make typos and that’s OK.

Sharing is caring!

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